The place where cracow's history was born

Czeczotka  PALACE

On the 430th anniversary of the death of Erazm Czeczotka, the Palace of his name returned to the city map. In the restored interiors, we recall events, figures and signs of the times, reminding about the Golden Age and the illustrious residents of the Wawel Castle…


 Czeczotka  Bar


Czeczotka Bar is the place where history and flavour meets at the bar! Elegant evening with friends, romantic couple meeting, quick lunch, or maybe nutritious breakfast and coffee overlooking the Cracow’s Main Market Square?



Dumpling’s Manufactory it’s  warm, colorful and cozy place, where you will be amazed by new edition of Polish cuisine. We will prepare  handmade dumplings, but you can also taste different delicious dishes and desserts.

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